Meeting Again


Keitaro met us at the airport with a van to transport the art. It was wonderful to see our friend again. Keitaro provided transportation, expertise, local knowledge and good humor throughout our experience in Tokyo, which made everything so much easier, more meaningful and fun.

We go back 20 years with Keitaro. He has visited out home in Wisconsin on a few occasions. The first time he came, the kids were very young, maybe one and two years old. Looking at the old photos of that time you can see him bring the magic and the charm. The kids were thrilled.

One time Keitaro came to visit and we helped him find a used Harley Davidson to go on extended tours of the US.  He values experiences over possessions and we admire that.

The most recent visit was just after the problems at the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear reactors. As that crisis unfolded, Japanese citizens fled the area. Keitaro bought a portable Geiger counter and went to the site to measure the actual extent of the damage. Keitaro is a free spirit with courage and convictions.

Greeting at Haneda Airport

Greeting at Haneda Airport

Ramen Shop the first evening

Ramen Shop the first evening

Inside the Ramen Shop

Inside the Ramen Shop


In a tea house, Tokyo


On occasion it seemed that some of the younger women who visited the exhibit were there more to flirt with Keitaro then to view the art.


Saying goodby at the Tokyo Station Hotel

Saying goodby at the Tokyo Station Hotel

 A harried drive to the airport after a delay by traffic jam

A harried drive to the airport after a delay by traffic jam



We go back 40 years with Yoshi to when we were students in Berkeley, CA. We had many great times in Berkeley discussing the ideas and events of the day. There was a lot of laughter and joy between us.

Yoshi introduced us to Japanese culture, thinking and cuisine, and in so doing, understood that we would love and appreciate Japan. “When are you coming to my country?” became a refrain over the years. One of my (few) regrets in life is that I did not visit Japan earlier and often when we could have roamed the country with Yoshi.

Yoshi would come to visit us regularly in the United States and bring extravagant gifts. The cameras he gave me have shot everything from conflicted regions of the world for human rights groups, to my kids growing up, to images for the Tokyo exhibit.

I am not as generous as Yoshi but I would like to be, What comes naturally to Yoshi can only be imitated by me. I try and I know that I am a better person for having known Yoshi.



Visiting the new auditorium in Yoshi’s school – a beautiful site.


A photo from the 1970’s of Paul Tillich in Yoshi’s apartment.



It’s all still under discussion!



























Yoshi took us to a fine restaurant on the 36th floor of an office building in Tokyo for the best meal of my life.  The interior design was so beautiful and innovative that I returned to photograph the site.






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